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Body Mount Coupler

by Mike Buehner

I have recently acquired some coil cars and proceeded to mount trucks to the body of the cars. After mounting I discovered that the draft gear of the coupler was interfering with the car body and just did not sit right.

I am using a short draft gear Micro-Trains truck with coupler. It appeared that I would need to buy a medium draft gear truck and coupler to finish the task.

After ponder this situation, I remembered hearing of some one cutting off the draft gear and mounting it to the car. Here is how I did it.

Some of the tools you will need
Remove the Trucks
Remove wheels from Trucks
Using a chisel blade remove draft gear just before pivot.
Should look like this When done.
Apply adhesive (I used GOO) To the top of coupler pocket and underside of car.
Place coupler pocket.
File the truck where the coupler was.
Notice that the one on the bottom is still square. Need to file this round.
Once you have let the adhesive dry, reassembled the wheels to the trucks and installed the trucks next check your coupler height.
Final View
Mike Buehner